An Indifferent Year on WordPress

This year was my fourth on WordPress, and while I once again beat my previous years total (not by much) I find myself feeling worse about this blog than ever. What is annoying me even more is that it is all my fault.

I have had a bad feeling about this site all year, and it was clear to see in my stats. I started well, but soon got sidetracked by work. Bla-bla-bla, I’ve beat that over-worked drum a lot this year, and am over it now. Mainly because hard work is in my character. Whether it is office work, writing or working out, I do it to excess and push myself to my breaking point. It is who I am. It is my dance and I am cursed to tango with it until the earth has turned my bones to dust.

I pulled it around in the last two months, but the reason for it has only added to my own doubts or rather my own unhappiness at the way I have run this blog.

I wrote 209 blog posts, but a lot of those were reblogs, and more than a few movie reviews. So they don’t really count. Not in my mind anyway, because I’m not running a review blog. Although I will reblog good reviews when I see them. Mainly from Written in Blood, a site I turn to regularly for my movie ideas.

In actuality the number of posts I wrote was probably about half of the above figure, and while that is still roughly once every three days, it was not good enough.

More often than not the posts were rambling lots of nonsense, written not because I had something to say, but because I felt as if it was my duty to get a post up that day. It made me feel better for neglecting the site, at that moment in time, but now, in hindsight, I firmly believe it did me more harm than good.

This is confirmed in my mind when I look at some of the other stats in my year review.

All of the posts I made, reblogs included, I only received 130 comments, and bearing in mind this includes several long conversations in comment form, and all of the reblogs I have had. For one of my commenters, this was pretty much every one of his interactions. Out of 130 comments, I guess it was more like 100 actual comments. This means one comment every two posts. For a site that is supposed to be there to help me build my writing platform this is just not even close to being good enough.

Couple this with the fact that out of my Top 5 viewed posts, none of them were written this year, and only one was written in 2013. This too is alarming. My most popular post was a cultural piece about Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands, and had nothing to do with horror or writing. The post itself was not even typed, but copied. It was an article I had written and sold to a magazine two years before.

This will change in 2015. Plans are afoot. I want to really make something out of this blog in the coming year. I hope you will all join me for the ride.


9 thoughts on “An Indifferent Year on WordPress

  1. Thanks for the mention, Alex. This year was so-so for me and I don’t think I had very many comments either but I would have to check. You have an awesome blog; do not give it up! 😀

  2. Hello there Alex, I’ll add to your comments for you in this the last hours of 2014. I’ve experienced similar results on my blog as well, having very few comments on my posts which have almost been daily. I wondered while reading your blog today if your stats gave you more visits than comments. It’s been that way for me over the past 6 months. I wish you well as we approach 2015, with a big turn around on your comments filling up your page. Take care and sorry this was so darn long… Happy blogging to ya.. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I think a lot of people seem to be down on comments this year. Maybe it is just that people are too busy. I would like a figure for the number of ‘Likes’ I got across the years, just to see if there is a trend there.

      1. Alex, I was just talking about that very issue with my son the other day, and we think the media, and business minded folks selling to us have done a very good job at convincing us all we are just to busy to bother. So, buy here quick, before it’s gone notion. Last year when I started blogging the comments were flowing nicely, nothing huge because no one knew me yet, but this year hum…..your right we think we are all too busy. Well I aim to be different on that account, I shall take the time, and hopefully cause a ripple effect around the world, Ha, or WordPress…
        Take care new friend, and sorry this message was not twitter like in words…
        Happy New Years Eve

  3. To be honest Alex, I probably liked a lot of your blog posts, but mostly felt that I had nothing constructive to add as comments. Maybe that is a factor? I haven’t checked my yearly blog stats yet but I suspect it will be a similar story to yours. I focused more on domestic duties in 2014, and so now I have to look forward with a fresh business plan… Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Alex. I think we’ve all gone through a trough during 2014, I know I have, but I’ve decided to just write when I really feel as if I have something to say, or when I’m truly passionate about something. Blogging isn’t just for other people, it’s for /us/ to enjoy as well. 🙂

  5. I would have to agree. I know I was not producing the goods this year, but I was so busy with the day job, if I left it for inspiration, there would have been a good chance that I would have written nothing. I have some interesting plans for next year and some blog posts already planned out so fingers crossed on making 2015 something special.

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