Networking is the Key to Building a Better Blog

One of my biggest failings last year was my complete lack of any real networking. I mean I didn’t just fail, I failed in spectacular style, and as a result things suffered. Sales of my books fell away, and my blog stats took a nose dive. I hold my hands up and admit, I am to blame.

networkI am not a naturally social person. When doing things for work, I can be the life and soul of the building, but once it becomes a social engagement I shy away, retreat to the safety of my words. What it took me a long time to realize is that online, this doesn’t need to be the case, Networking through cyberspace is a much less daunting prospect. In fact, it is easy. Well, it is easy for me at the moment, because I am starting at the beginning again, but you get the message I am trying to make.

I have already been more involved on Facebook. Participating in more ‘discussions’ than just posting random images and things of myself. This has already seen me make some new and interesting friends this year, and not to mention that it has resulted in several very interesting conversations.

The other way I want to improve my networking and make myself more visible is through the blog, as I said before. However, what I have never really done – and yes, shame on me – is involve myself on other blogs. Not just guest posts and takeovers, which I am hoping to looking into more and more as the year, and my network grows, but I mean merely in the form of reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.

I follow a lot of sites, but often found myself doing one of two things. Either deleting the email completely, or reading the post or part of the post that was inblog 1 the email and leaving it at that.

Reading other blogs is not enough. You need to get out there and comment on them, reply to others and really get yourself into the mix. Just the other day, I found myself involved in a fascinating discussion on a blog about female villains in fiction, or rathert he lack thereof. I shared the post, but you can read the original one here. Not only was it fun, but it gained me a couple of new followers, gave me a new blog or two to follow, and also filled my head with some nice story ideas. Wins all around.

It is very interesting, being able to sit here, look back at the things I did in 2014 – and before – and see exactly where I went wrong.  It is only early in the year, but I have a feeling that I am going to be learning a lot, and for the first time in a long time, I am really excited by the prospect of it all.

Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Networking is the Key to Building a Better Blog

  1. I was happy to see you on my website talking to my Monday guest blogger. I am accepted more guest bloggers as well – if you wanted to be on there yourself. The requirements are at the bottom of the post you interacted, and I would love to have you on, too!

  2. You and I sound a lot alike, Alex. I will help set up the party but when it starts I’d rather be by myself away from the festivities. I talk, joke and probably annoy more people online than I do face to face on a daily basis.

    1. Eactly. In the office is a prime example. I laugh and joke and am the life of the office, but anything social, even lunch, I take on my own. I don’t go to company ‘events’ because ti makes me uncomfortable, etc.

      1. They had a Christmas breakfast for all of us and I didn’t go to that although I could have.

  3. I agree Alex, but to network effectively takes time and effort, plus energy. I used to answer emails and visit other blogs first thing in the morning when I felt most energetic. But while my networking ticked along, my writing didn’t. Now I write first, network later, or not at all. The reality is we all have to make compromises to fit everything into our lives. 😦

    1. That can be true indeed Meeks. I am reading blogs and replying to them as a reward for writing a bit. I am 20k in for the year in terms of words so far, and have found that I actually have a lot more time than I ever realized.
      It is a tough balance to find and even harder to keep 🙂

      1. Absolutely. I’ve been doing some writing because all the RTOs I work for are on holiday. Now I’m dreading having to go back to work again. Ah well..

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