Weekly Writing Wrap-up 10-Jan-2015

The first full week of the year is coming to a close, and I wanted to start (at least one) regular column on this site.

Every weekend, so a post on Saturday or Sunday depending on when my previous post was, will be looking at what I have written, the movements I have made and generally reviewing the week.

So here goes nothing…

It was the first full week back at work since Christmas, and so I had to fall back in the rhythm of the normal daily life. That means the 4:30 alarm calls and the late nights. Topping it off with the fact that I started a new position at work this week, one completely different to what I have been doing, all my life. It went really well, and I am excited about the prospects that it brings.

On the writing front, I have written every day, and on top of that I have hammered my expected word count day after day. I’m not going to get carried away with this, it is only one week after all, and this cannot be taken as any form of indication as to what will happen in the other 51 (odd) weeks of the year. It is, however, a good start.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Thanks for my wonderful tracking spreadsheet, I have been following my progress and find it really exciting to see everything updating when I add my figures at the end of the day.

My current writing total for 2015 is:

27,864 Words

By the time I finish this blog it will be over the 28,000 mark.


That is 2786.40 words per day.

Of course, this is not all just fiction. It is a split between Fiction, Blog posts and Freelance work.

I have written and published a short erotica story under my pen name, and am 13,333 words into a new dark, gothic sort of novel.

The words have just been flowing these last few days, and I am powerless to even suggest they stem themselves a little so I can rest. That will come in due course I have no doubt.

As it stands, I am well on target to hit my 50,000 word month target, and intend on pushing January as far as I can.

What is the plan for the week ahead?

I have plans to start another short in the coming days, and I will keep adding to this novel. The characters are awesome, even If I do say so myself, and the ending, the only thing I know for sure, will be heart-breaking.

I have just sent off a really interesting set of interview questions for a blog I am really excited to appear on. More about that once things have been confirmed. I have another guest post to write tonight for another spot I am really excited about over at Shannon A Thompson’s blog. Watch this space for more details on that.

On top of writing, I want to continue my search for new avenues to promote myself, new blogs to follow and hopefully guest on in the future. Networking, that is my main non-writing focus for the year, and so far, I am doing better at it than in previous years combined.

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but strides are being made.

It’s been a great week.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Wrap-up 10-Jan-2015

  1. Well done Alex, I can feel your enthusiasm in these words, and that is the all-important factor here. You can probably tell my own writing goals have fallen behind, since I am only now catching up on reading emails (blog posts) from last week! I am a little distracted by a certain daughter’s 4th birthday coming this week… 😉 Anyway, keep up your good work and I will catch up when I can.

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