Author Collaborations: A New Goal

Writing is a Solitary Endeavour… Isn’t it?

One of the most common phrases that you will hear people say about writing will revolve around it being a solitary venture. It is something that you do, along, locked in a dark room, no windows… ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little here, but it is no lie that writing is a solitary endeavour for most people.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways and means for writers to work together. Anthologies are but one example. The other being collaborations. Two (or more) authors, working together on one novel.

As a writer, the idea of writing something with someone else is a double edged sword emotionally. Writing it who you are, it is something personal. To open yourself and share this process with another person is daunting, it is exhilarating, and at the same time terrifying.

To collaborate with another writer means to allow them into your mind, to share that place with them that is normally only reserved for yourself.

That has got to be an even harder thing to do than to consider.

Yet, in spite of that, I would love to collaborate with some of my fellow authors. I would be honoured to have my name alongside theirs on a single piece of fiction.

I am a pretty open book when it comes to the workings of my mind. I am fully aware my brain doesn’t work the same way as it does in most people. I have made peace with that, and even embrace it.

What terrifies me most about collaborating with another author is not me letting them in, but in me not being able to keep up with them.

I am confident in my writing, as long as it is only my writing I am reading. Every time I have read a book written by a friend of mine, all I can do is spot the things they do better than me, and the notion of co-writing with anybody petrifies me for the fear of me embarrassing them. It is not just my name being linked to a piece of writing, but theirs, and I will not be held responsible for dragging them down.

I know this is nonsense, I know I am a good writer, but still, that is the position of my head when it comes to collaborations.

Who would I like to collaborate with?

There are lots of writers out there who I am good friends with, and a great many with whom I would love to co-write a novel with.

In no particular order there is:

Paul Flewitt,

Christopher D Abbott,

Julieanne Lynch,

Armand Rosamilia,

Chris Godsoe,

Michael Bray,

Cp Bialois

and Chantal Noordeloos.

 Of course, there are other writers out there with whom I talk regularly, and this is no means definite, but I believe that these talented writers and I have styles that would mean we could create something quite wonderful together.

Will it happen? Who knows? I would love to try and get something going this year, and this blog is the first step. A reminder to myself, a new goal; something different to try.

What do you say guys?

Who would you love to collaborate with? What would you write?



6 thoughts on “Author Collaborations: A New Goal

  1. Okay, this is weird. I’ve been telling Jamie how it would be cool to work with you and a few others on a project. lol

    I’m game, just a little backed up at the moment. Let me know when you’d like to hook up and see what we come up with.. 🙂

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