Weekly Writing Wrap-up 17-01-2015

The second week of the year just flew by. I mean, it’s already January 17th. It’s crazy. The week was very productive in terms of writing, but at the same time, exhausting in all other avenues.

Holland has been rocked by incredibly hard winds all week, and as a result the kids have been up repeatedly during the night. This means we have had two children in the bed every night this week, which makes sleeping a somewhat difficult thing to achieve. Coupled with how Damon (our two year old) will then only sleep if next to me, and lying on top of my arm. The result is a ten to fifteen minute period of total numbness in the morning.


That being said, I still got up at 04:30 every day, resisting the urge to hit snooze. It was recognizable in my writing returns once again this week. I am a long way ahead of schedule and am now working on two very different novels, so the words have multiple outlets through which to flow.

Taking a look at the numbers for the week

At the time of writing the post last week I was at 28,000 words. As of this moment, I am currently standing on a total of:

41,212 words

The totals have slowed a little since last week, but over the weekend I barely managed to get 1000 written on both days combined, so that was always going to be a factor. Added to it the lack of sleep, I am delighted that I managed 13,000 words.

Looking at it from a finer perspective, I am averaging 2411.88 words a day, and that is with an average writing time of approximately 2.2 hours a day. Most of this is either in the early morning hours or during my lunch break at work.

If I can carry on at this pace, then my goals for the year will be well achieved. Still, I am not getting carried away just yet. I know there is plenty of year to go, and there are certain periods and events coming up that I know will slow me down. I just want to carry on writing as much as I can, to get ahead of myself. Of course, I also want to avoid writing for the sake of writing, and make the words truly count.

What is the plan for the coming week?

The coming week I want to split my focus a little, just to see if I can get a little bit of order and hopefully few more words Bloggingwritten too. The weekends are often tough for writing. Saturday alone is a day where my eldest has football, I go to swimming lessons with Logan (and can swim with him) collect my eldest from football, go grocery shopping and then before you know I the day is over. So my plan is to spend this weekend writing blogs, getting some things written up uploaded to keep that side of things running smoothly.

Mornings will then be spent flitting between the two novels I am now writing. I have a new post about how that came about. The evenings I will keep for freelance work. I only have one client at the moment, but it is a regular gig, and I can easily do it once the kids have gone to bed.

Hopefully this will work in my favour and I can get somewhere close to 60,000 by the end of next week.

How was your week? What are your plans for the coming week?


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