Alex’s Must Read Horror Authors for 2015.

Reading Goals for the Coming Year

The New Year is now well and truly underway. So much so that this will certainly be the last post in which I refer to 2015 in such a way.

I have been meaning to post this for a little while, but every time I failed to write it. I have no idea why.

When it comes to horror, I have read a fair bit of King, and some Clive Barker, and a fair bit written by my horror loving friends and fellow indie writers, but there is a heck of a lot out there I have not read, and a lot of authors whose work should be devoured by any horror lover. I know, I should feel guilty admitting it, but most of my reading material in recent years (since moving to Holland) has been inherited books from family, and they just don’t read horror.

Now I don’t mind, because reading is reading, and a range of genres and literature types is important, but I have decided to make 2015 the year Alex expands his horror horizons.

There are a lot of books out there that I want to read, and it can be hard to determine a good starting point.

Which Writers Made the 2015 ‘Must Read’ List?

I have narrowed it down to the authors whose work I want to read and a few individual titles also. So here goes.

Clive Barker I have read a bit of his work, but nowhere near enough. Arabat, and Imajica are the top two names on the list for me to get my hands on this year. Of course, the Scarlet Gospels is required reading in 2015!

Neil Gaiman. Granted, not everything Neil Gaiman writes is horror, but I have heard so much about him, but never read a word of what he has written. I am thinking American Gods and The Ocean at the End of the Lane would be a good place to start.

Richard Laymon Once again, it is close to a crime that I have never read anything by Richard Laymon. That will definitely change this year. The man has a pretty prolific set of works behind his name, and I need to start reading some of it. I would be remiss If I said I knew a lot about him, so I am interested to explore his fiction.

Peter Straub: Aside from having exchanged a few words with Peter Straub on Facebook, I have not yet read any of his fiction. Ghost Story is undoubtedly the first book that I want to focus my attention on, and then maybe the collaborations with Stephen King.

James Herbert: I read some Herbert when I was younger, and I really enjoyed it. It came immediately after reading IT and I think my 9 year old brain was already expanded beyond the normal realms. I think I will start with Fog and The Rats.

Dean Koontz: Last year I read my first Dean Koontz novel ‘Watchers’ it was a book I found on a plane. I was boarding, ready to fly to Sydney for work and there in the baggage locker was this book. So I adopted it. The next ones on the list for me as far as Dean Koontz is concerned would be: Strangers, Demon Seed and the Frankenstein series.

Joe Hill: I have heard a great many things about Joe Hill, and given who his father is, and not forgetting that his mother is also an author, it is fair enough that there are big things expected from him. Having read reviews of his work, Horns and NOS4A2 are the two main books on the list for Joe.

In recent years my reading speed has been decreased due to my often hectic life, but this year I intend to make sure I read every day, and until not have managed to stick to this promise.

The biggest issue for me is finding the damned books for a price I can justify.

What are your reading goals for 2015? Any new authors you are keen to try?

What was the best book you read last year? Tell us, come on in and share, we bite, but you will like it.


If you don’t currently have anything loaded onto your reading devices, or have just close the pages on your most recent paperback acquistion, then may I recommend the work of a very talented horror author…

Blood of the Tainted: “Don’t be afraid my dears, you fear will taint the meat”

Diaries of the Damned: The dead should stay dead, and secrets should stay buried.

Blood of the Tainted ebook cover  Diaries of the Damned blog tour - Alex Laybourne

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Alex’s Must Read Horror Authors for 2015.

  1. If you’re going to read anything by Neil Gaiman may I suggest The Sandman? Yes, it was a graphic novel. However, like Alan Moore’s Watchmen it transcends the limits of being a simple ‘funny book’ to become something more: literature of the highest caliber.

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