Here is my interview with Anthony Crowley

An interesting interview with an interesting and very talented writer.



Name    Anthony Crowley

Age     35

Where are you from   Birmingham, England

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I did quite well with my school studies. I excelled in English, Drama, Music. I have always been passionate about those subjects. It felt natural. I was a very quiet reserved kid. I was often bullied, because I never could fit in with the crowd. I was often looked down like I was an alien. It all began to change when certain school presentations and events took place. An example, if I wrote a piece of literature to be read out on stage for the whole school. The responses felt like a healer and a great comfort. Another example of acceptance was when I sang at the end of term school concert. That was another special moment I will never forget. I felt lucky to perform…

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