What is Worse?

As writers, what would you say is worse:

To have so many ideas bouncing around in your head, that there would never be enough paper to write them all down, but to have no time to write any of them,


To have all of the time in the world to write, but no inspriation to fill the empty pages?

I have experienced both, and am currently stuck in the first option above, and am hating it. I would say it is worse than having no inspiration, but what about you?


6 thoughts on “What is Worse?

  1. 2 would definitely be worse. #1 I solve by always writing no matter where I am. If a thought, a quote, dialogue for a character, or inspiration comes, I’ll send myself a text about it, jot it in my notepad or record it on my voice recorder (something I just purchased and have recently started doing). The time will come that life will settle down and become less busy – then I can go over my notes and ideas 🙂

  2. I’m constantly “suffering” from #1. While it’s exciting, and means you’ll hardly ever bore yourself as you flit from topic to topic, it does mean that things either don’t get done or take bloody forever, because you’re busy throwing sprinklers at twenty projects instead of dropping a waterfall on one… when you factor in the utter lack of time, it only gets worse.

    On the other hand, #2 doesn’t sound like fun. Because if I sit at my keyboard and nothing wants to come out and play – so to speak – I give up rather quickly and go stare at YouTube or play Diablo instead, which also means nothing gets done. It might be possible to break through the lack of inspiration by flooding the page with random gibberish and seeing what sticks, but I know myself too well. I won’t do it.

    So overall, I think I prefer #1. If only because there’s hope that you’ll get an early out from work one day, or come down with the plague, and thus find the time to write down some of those ideas, even if you don’t finish them. But that’s me, and I’m crazy, so… XD

  3. No. 2 is worse. I’ve gotten used to having a few ideas bouncing around in my head . somewhat at the same time. I find that way it helps them germinate. But when I sit down at the computer I try to work on one creative piece at a time. Multi-tasking during the actual writing does not work.



  4. I would definitely say number 2 is my worst fear. I always have plenty of ideas buzzing around, and I can process these mentally while I do other tasks such as washing the dishes, but to sit in front of the computer totally blank… well, that would be torture!

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