C is for…

I remember the first time she spoke to me.

She was sitting outside, beneath the stars. The moonlight reflecting on her skin. She was naked as the day she was born. She was true.

That was what we talked about. That first night, and many nights thereafter. The truth.

So often, they tell us about the truth, the fact of the matter. But what she told me, was the real truth. The truth, they kept hidden behind their lies.

Out every act is governed by them. Bringing us all to a point where our final actions are as good as scripted. Our lives planned out before we even understand the direction we are heading. Their lies are what hold us all back.

But that night, under the moon, she showed me the truth, and my eyes were opened to the real knowledge of existence.

I was set free. She saved my life. Took me into the real world, and let me drink up the reality of our very being.

That was the night I realized, that this world they have constructed for us, is nothing more than a frail attempt at keeping us all sheltered. They want to keep us down. But she, she did not buy it.

You see, all of you are trapped. Trapped inside your own reality. But the substance if thing. These Jericho walls that they have erected are unstable. FOLLOW ME, and I will show you, what she showed me. I will show you how we can bring their Jericho walls tumbling to the floor.

We will bury them within their own truths, and we will rebuild the world the way it was meant to be. FOLLOW ME and I will teach you everything she taught me. I will open your eyes to the real world. Join me, and I shall set you free.

We talk a lot, she and I. Through the years we become close. Our bodies would shimmer in the starlight. The open air would cool our flesh. The fires they tried to start, the infernos they set to stop us would be tempered by Mother Nature. She too was trapped, you see. Longing for freedom.

That was until they took her from me. THEY came in the night. They stole OUR TIME. She was TAKEN FROM ME, severed like a child yanked from its mother’s womb before its time.

That night, oh, that fateful night, they lit the fires that would burn for eternity. Today they smolder still. Can you feel it? Smell it. Do you smell that? It is the stench of their BUNRING. They did this. They thought they would force MY hand, but I have theirs TIED BEHIND THEIR BACKS, and the flames will lick the flesh from their bones.

They thought that they could take her from me, but our bond runs deeper than kin. It ran deeper than blood. We are kindred spirits, and even now, she guides me. She arranges the stars and calls to me from the face of the moon she so loved.

FOLLOW ME and learn the real truth. FOLLOW ME, for I was born in blood. FEAR ME, for I am coming, and she will be my side.

My dear, sweet, Chlöe. ChloeThis third post in the A to Z Challenge was brough to you by Brother Jack.

He. Is. Coming.

6 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. Tell Brother Jack for me that I was enthralled with his story, Alex; he seems like a stand-up guy.

  2. Thanks Catherine. Brother Jack is awesome. Well, from a writer’s perspective at least. He is growing in my head and will certainly be making mor appearances on my blog this month.

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