Kids Mean Never Needing an Excuse to Play

Well, the first four days of the A to Z Challenge are in the bag, and I have to say it has been pretty good fun until now. I understand that these early days are still very much the ‘honeymoon’ stage of the relationship, and it will get harder, but having the obligation to blog regularly is refreshing. I always feel guilty when I don’t blog. When time is short, blogging is the first thing that falls from the list.

Reading, there have been a lot of posts recently that I have seen at least, which say that blogging is dying, that it is not the force it was. That for an author, the power of a blog is falling away. No, I don’t buy that for one second. A blog is a great tool, and even if it doesn’t actually help me sell books, it does something that is just as important. It gives me an outlet. A place where I can write what I feel. It is a place where I can interact with people, away from the argument inducing environment of Facebook.

My main problem with blogging is that I spend too long trying to think of something profound to say, when really, that isn’t the point. I should simply blog about what is on my mind. What is dear to me. Sometimes, it might be a profound statement about the world, and sometimes it might just be a written brain fart to clear some space for the novel I am working on to develop.

brain fart

Now, today’s post does not have a letter theme because the challenge stops for Sundays, so today the world is my oyster.

What to talk about… I know, indoor playgrounds. Those places fucking rock, and they should soooo make them for adults too.

The other day my wife won a family year pass to the local one of these. A place called Kid Zoo, and it is awesome. We have been a lot before, but now, we can go whenever we want, for free.


We took the kids there yesterday at the end of the day, and we let them run themselves knackered, and they were begging to go to bed and slept until gone 7am which, for my kids, is like sleeping until noon!

However, I also played myself knackered. The trampolines, the slides, chasing the kids and down, through the nets, and the ball pits. Oh, the ball pits are wonderful. I was heavily outnumbered however, as all the other kids in there thought it would be good fun to turn on me also. I fought my way out bravely though, and only ended with a slightly bloodied lip from a well place ball launched by parties unknown.

I emerged victorious in the end however, when I hit my eldest with two suplexes and a spear over the wall and into a ball pit, to pick up the win.


We are thinking of heading back again with them today. We have to go pick up something from the same area that the playground is, so it makes sense to pop in for a minute.

Maybe I can even have an ice-cream again, like yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Kids Mean Never Needing an Excuse to Play

  1. Ah, the joys of the soft play! I would love to win a year’s pass to one of our local ones… my husband is in his element in these places, and he usually ends up underneath a pile of children in the ball pool. while I stand at the sidelines, camera in hand! Have fun, Alex 🙂

  2. That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Most times actually. I love those places. You get to run, jump, throw yourself around. Pretend you are a wrestler, everything. So much fun. The tickets are fantastic. They would cost over 500 euros if we bought them ourselves.

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