F is to Follow the Flames

Smoke and mirrors. The tendrils are rising. Swirling into the air that they have polluted for you. They control the winds, and will see to it that you are smoked from your lives and placed back under their righteous control. They are the masters of the untruth, and the heat of their judgement will be their undoing.

“Never believe their lies. It is a venom they spew, more potent than anything you can ever comprehend.” Chlöe told me this. We were dancing beneath the stars. Out skin tingling with the understanding that we flirted with the divine.

We knew the truth. Chlöe knew it all. She was teaching me. She the mistress, and I the even dutiful student.


She told me all about their lies and how they move us all like pawns. We are nothing to them but pieces of a game.

“Cleanse them.” She told me. One the last night we spent together, sitting beneath the apple tree. That would be the last time I saw Chlöe alive. They took her from me. They forced her out of my life. But they failed. Nothing could keep us apart, and now, she talks to ME, from the other side. She feeds ME with more truths, so that I can rise up in life and free YOU ALL.

We are all nothing but captives, until the day we decide to break free.

You see, their bonds on you are strong, but they can be made weak. Knowledge will be their undoing. FOLLOW ME, and let Brother Jack be your redemption. I will lead you not from the fires of evil, but into the flames of truth.


Fire, it burns. They teach us that when we are young. Don’t play with the flames. This is more LIES. THEY want you to believe them. THEY say that fire destroys, because they fear the reality.

Fire cleanses. It can cleanse the soul, and it can be the purge of their very existence.

Take a whiff. You can smell it already, I know you can. The air is rife with the stench of their burning. Follow the flames, and you will be set free. FOLLOW ME and you will find true safety. I will be your vessel, I will be your guide, and she, Chlöe, will be our teacher.

She is waiting for you all. She whispers to me, once the sun goes down and the night turns dark. She tells me how pleased she is. How happy she is with the people I have saved.


The fires have been lit once more, and the battle rages on. The time is coming where we must pick a side. Will you stand beside me, will you help ME, as we rebuild the world, or will you stand with them, lost to their lies, and burn?

FOLLOW Brother Jack, and I will show you riches that you could never believe. FEAR ME, because I know about the flames. I tasted their power and I rose above them like a phoenix. Stand beside me now, RISE with ME from their embers, and let us educate the world.

Will you stand? Or will, you, burn?

This is the sixth post in the A to Z Challenge. The letter for the day is ‘F’ for Follow, Fear and Fire. Come back tomorrow, to see what the letter G has to offer. Brother Jack will be waiting for you.

He. Is. Coming.


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