N is for Nightmares – #AtoZChallenge with Brother Jack

I used to have terrible nightmares. I would wake, screaming, reaching out for comfort. But there was nothing there. There was no comfort. There were only monsters, lurking in the dark. After a time, they would become my blanket, the security I needed.

My nightmares never left me, they become a part of me. I became so used to them, that they were my reality. Nightmares are what I bring to the world, my gift to you.

“The real nightmare is knowing the truth.” That was what Chlöe said to me one day. We were sitting in the fields, her breasts in my hands. I would stroke them, listening to her purr, and then I would pull them, and listen to her scream. She loved it. She embraced the pain of life the way I embraced the darkness.


My dear Chlöe. She taught me so much in those days. She taught me how to control my rage, how to use my darkness. She saved me.

You see, the darkness that we feel, that is not something to be feared. We should embrace out inner selves. There is no demon lurking inside your shell. There is only you. The real you, pounding away on the inside, begging to be released.

Calling to you, so you may wake from the nightmare that THEY have created. They have us all trapped in THEIR nightmare world. Our logic has, twisted, twisted so that it is no longer resembles anything. Our dark thoughts are discouraged, because they know that if they lose control, the world they have built will fall.

They will BURN in the sewage of their LIES and our world will become a nightmare to THEM.


FOLLOW me, and let Brother Jack lead you into the darkness. FOLLOW ME, and I will help you embrace your true self. Join me, and we shall dance in the moonlight. The glowing embers of their burning will light the torches that guide you. The lead you all the way through the twisted paths of their creation, to her. To Chlöe. She waits for you. She waits for me, and when we are together again, the whole world will know that Brother Jack is the one truth. The one voice to follow.

FOLLOW ME, for I am your darkness, I absorb it. I will eat their lies and deliver you clean and cleansed. Ready, for her, touch.

FEAR ME, FEAR Brother Jack, because those who resist must be educated. You know it. You understand what must be done. Look around, this stable we are building is strong. Our foundations pure. Come to me, follow me, and I will show you the way.


I have risen, climbed from the deepest part of the Hell they created. I have fought for my salvation. They thought they could take her from me. But death is no great divide. Death is the gateway to the ultimate freedom.

Follow me, not into death, for I am not harbinger but into preparation. Purge yourselves to me, and let her in. Her touch will caress you, ease you from this hellish light, and wake you from their nightmares.

Brother Jack. Is. Coming. Follow me, or fear me, but either way, I will set you free. Embrace me, my sisters, and my brothers. Join me, and see the truth that dwells in the shadows.

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