P is for Plans – #AtoZChallenge Day 16

Today is the day to talk about planning. Oddly enough, I wrote this post in advance because I know the coming days are going to be hectic.

I was half tempted to write a post about being a plotter or a pantser, but I figured there are more than enough blog posts about it out there, and surely the letter p leads itself naturally to that theme of post.

I don’t want to become predictable, and so have plumped for planning, or rather, plans.


When you are writing, the mind does not allow you to just work on one book and shut everything else you. It throws things at you left right and center, regardless of whether you are in a position to do anything with it or not.

Every writer I know has a long list of stories they want to write, and an even longer collection of ideas, thoughts and random musings which may, or may not, one day make it onto the page in some form or another. I have one, and it has a lot of books on there.

One set in particular always shouts at me.

It has long since been my plan to one day write a serious series of books. Ditching the horror – temporarily – to focus on something that hits much closer to home.


As those who know me will already know, one of my children has autism. My 6 year old Logan, doesn’t really speak much beyond repetition and short questions,  is not able to use the toilet yet and attends a special school for children with such conditions – my GOD how I hate that word.

The thing is, with three other children – soon to be four other children – this impacts family life in more ways than you expect.

Especially for my eldest son, who still struggles with the fact that his brother is different. I have observed this for a while, and it got me thinking, it got me planning out a series of about 8 – 11 books.  These books would focus on a family of an autistic child, but through the eyes of a brother, probably a twin.


I would use each book to go through a year in the life of the family, and use it to both highlight and educate about autism, and how difficult it is not only for the parents but for siblings.

I would focus on the real world, the challenges that come along at each age, from school, to bullies, and the general aging process, and the quest for independence. Both boys would go through it, but in very different ways.

I have been planning this series for several years not but have yet to make a start. It is a project that excites and terrifies me in equal measure. It is a tough subject, and needs to be dealt with properly. The research must be spot on and there needs to be enough story to keep the reader interested and away from thinking they are reading a textbook.

One day I am sure to write this, and I hope that it is sooner rather than later.

Do you have any books planned that you just keep putting off for some reason, in spite of a burning desire to write them?


3 thoughts on “P is for Plans – #AtoZChallenge Day 16

  1. I usually spend 6 months planning a book. This time I spent that 6 months writing over 15K words of backstory which then informed my series. I should be able to get 5-7 books out of this idea, and currently I’m in the middle of writing the first book.

  2. That sounds a fascinating project, Alex, and you are right to approach it carefully. I have a few vague ideas for non-fiction books in the future that will require research and careful planning. I would be interested to read your finished product.

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