A Random Post about Nothing Much at All

Last week I came up with the great idea of preparing my blog posts for the AtoZChallenge. I could write one each way on my commute to work. Not only did it mean I was being productive, and organized for once, but it also meant I could put off writing fiction for a little bit longer.

So I did, and I got two weeks’ worth of posts written up and saved as drafts on my blog.

But then, I noticed something strange. I am not saying that this was a direct result, but it certainly raised some questions in my mind.

My stars for the posts on the challenge dropped. By that, I mean they as good as halved.

Now, this could easily be because the posts just were not very good, and that nobody felt inclined to click the links. However, the naming convention I used for these posts is the same as I have used for all of the other posts.

I shared them all in exactly the same way and through the same channels as always, yet still, the viewing figures dropped. One day I barely got 20 hits.


I am not bothered by this, I gave up obsessing about stats a while ago. It just struck me as strange. The drop was so sudden and in time with my adjusted posting technique.

I cannot think of anything that would cause it, but who knows how the gods of the machine work.

My scheduled posts are even going live at the same time as my manual posts do. It is interesting and gives me something to play around with. I am interested in seeing how today’s post does and my scheduled posts for next week. Monday and Tuesday are already drafted, while Wednesday and Thursday have been written, but are still just word documents ready to be pasted into the blog.

I wonder what will happen.

I have had other issues with the WordPress stat counter in recent weeks. One post had five lives, but zero views according to the site. Which seems very odd to me, but then again, maybe I am just crazy.

Have you had any strange things like this with your blog? I would be interested to know.


4 thoughts on “A Random Post about Nothing Much at All

  1. Looks like we’re sharing a life again. lol I pre-write and post al my stories a day an dit makes it so much easier and interesting. It’s amazing how much free time I have just by doing something so simple. Who knew being responsible and organized could work? lol

    WordPress has been doing that to me as well. I never had a probelm until my story a day challenge, but now that I’m posting regularly, the stats are all wonky. Even the notifications are scrambled and I only get a couple until I click on the “unread” list. Sorry you’re having the same issues, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. 😀

    1. Our lives do seem to mirror on many occasions. It is also weird that we have never been seen in a room together.

      I have looked at the wordpress stats in years gone by, but now I am doing this AtoZ thing it is really becoming clear that their is something strange going on from time to time.

      1. I’m wondering if they’re changing over to a new system or something. It’d make sense with the hiccups they’re having. Or they’re just going insane. Either one works for me. lol

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