S is for the Stars. Follow Brother Jack or Fear Him.

I love the stars. The night calls hem forth the way it calls to me. The darkness summons us all, and brings forth our true selves.

Chlöe, she loved the stars. She would sit beneath them for hours, watching them, reading them. She would listen to their words as they sang to her.

She told me what they said. How they spoke of true times. Of a moment when the corrupt world that has seeped into us like a disease, will fall. It will fall and we will rise from the dust it leaves behind.


The stars, their shapes and formations. That says enough. Chlöe taught them all to me. The real signs. The devil, his hounds and the angels of justice. They were all there, night after night, watching us, and waiting.

There is a new formation there now. When they took Chlöe from me, she joined the stars. Her spirit cannot die. They may have killed her body, filled her head with their poison and stolen her away, under the cover of the very thing she called home, but she is forever. I AM FOREVER because she is by my side.

She stands beside me, and she tell me. She has taken her place in the stars. Right up there, by the Devil, she sits and watches.


She has told me, that you will be joining me. She confessed that you with follow me, and that it is my job to lead you to your salvation.

Come to me sisters, come join me brothers. FOLLOW ME, and I shall show you the way.

I will cure you. Beneath the stars I will draw the poison of this society away from you. I shall take it and set you free. FEAR ME.

Together, you and I, we shall dance beneath the stars. We will explore you under the lights of the final truth. Only then will you be set on the path to freedom.

FOLLOW ME and I will reach deep inside you and rip away their lies. I will wrench their control from your spirit and your bod. Join me, and be cleansed.

Chlöe is not gone forever, and she returns, you will all be rewarded with your own place among the stars.


But wait, you… YOU, my friend. I can sense your anger from here. I can sense the rage that is building, trapped inside you. Yes, I can FEELs it, and I like it. I like your rage. Use it. In the fight against their lies and the untruths that they have built will not be destroyed without that rage. Embrace it and embrace me.

Brother Jack is here to save you. You are sheep, lost and afraid; angry and alone. FOLLOW ME and let me take you by the hand and lead you into truth.

Any who stand against us will learn. Through pain, the best experiences are gained. Their re-education will begin slower. We will move through those that stand against us, and you will be there to see, first hand, as their lies and pulled into the world.

We shall meet beneath the stars, and Chlöe will offer us her blessing, and you, in return, will offer yourselves to her.



I. am. COMING!


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