V is for Virgin Blood

Today the letter V is up for the A to Z challenge and for today I want to get a little silly with you all… or do I?

The first topic that came to mind is virgin blood. As a horror writer, I am fully licensed to have such thoughts, it’s fine.

But has anybody else noticed that there is a considerable lack of Virgin’s blood used in movies and series, and even books these days.

I can remember when a drop of the old crimson purity was exactly what the (witch) doctor ordered when looking to brew up a potion or concoct some sort of supernatural antidote. But not more.


I’ve watched Supernatural from the beginning, but cannot recall anything involving virgin’s blood, not in recent series. The same for the books and blogs I read.

This makes me think, as I am sure it does you too. Is this lack of any requirement not so much due to the progression of witchcraft in the modern age, but due to a dwindling supply of purity?

I mean, let’s be honest, it is a sad fact that the concept of virginity is hardly held as sacred as it once was, and the idea of needing blood of a slut just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Not to mention that is the author’s handwriting is bad and blood of a slug gets used instead, then we all know the potion is not going to give you the results you want.

It is quite possible that our own loose morals will be our undoing, because when the time comes for us to fight back against the forces of darkness, we will find ourselves drastically underprepared, and understocked.

I am going to assume that virgin blood is something that must be brewed. It needs time to age in its cask before it can be syphoned off. So we could not even go drawing vials from new born babies or anything like that, and the blood of those religious zealots must be tainted by their belief, therefore less effective.


We really should start to think about a contingency place, because even lab engineered virgin blood, is only going to get us so far. That fully synthetic stuff just doesn’t have the same substance or consistency as the real deal.

Remember, this is important for you impending defilers, before you cross that barrier, stop and think a while. Save a life before popping that cherry, drain a little blood from first time friends, we will all thank you for it in the long run.

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