April Showers Bring May Flowers – This Post has Nothing to do with Showers or Flowers

I can’t believe how fast April is disappearing. Only a few days left and we are into May. My birthday month and a month of bank holidays in Holland.

I am off work tomorrow, April 26th for Kings Day, a celebration of the king’s birthday. Then May 5th is a holiday this year in memory of the liberation of Holland in the Second World War. Every 5 years we get it off and there are parades and markets. It’s good fun.

I then get May 14th off for Ascension Day and my employer gave us all Friday 15th off for free (one of two days they give us every year). This is followed by a final bank holiday on Monday May 25th for Whitsun. I also took May 12th and 13th off as vacation to give me a bit of an extended break.

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is Good

The end of April also sees the end of the AtoZChallenge. It is the first time I have tried to do this, and it has been a blast. Some days have been tough, and I fear the final few posts will need some deep thinking to get the posts out. My blogging brain is running on empty. I will make it though.

The challenge has been an eye opener in many ways. Certainly for me as a blogger / writer. I have often lambasted myself for not blogging often enough, and defended it by saying that I just didn’t have anything to say. This challenge has made me fight against that impulse, and it turns out that I do have quite a lot to say. It might all be a load of drivel, but I have a lot to say. This is my 26th day in a row now, and it is a streak I would quite like to see continue.

I am sure there will be a few ‘cheat’ days, and a few reblogs coming up, but on the whole, I am ready to see how long I can make it last. If not for anything other than the personal challenge it presents.


I have the house to myself tonight, and while I have a lot of day job work I need to get done, I am going to sit back and enjoy my Sunday. I have the UFC on tv, some writing that is begging to be done, including a new short story, a piece of freelance work and the blog for tomorrow. Take it easy everybody!//


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