Z is for the Zodiac You Hide Behind on the Final Day of the #AtoZChallenge

Chlöe once told me that the Zodiac was just man’s way of excusing their own behaviours. An early way for us to deny our true nature.

People sit back and allow the zodiac to dictate who they are. They create lies, give it a false title and watch as you scurry around, bowing down to the power of the stars.

It is just another form of control. A way for them to ensure you never learn the truth. You are slaves to them; naked and bound, you are held in bondage from the moment you are born until the moment you slip away. Into nothing. An empty life will lead to an empty eternity.


Chlöe sits above us now, she sits atop the stars, and tells me how foolish a game it is you allow them to play with you. Mice and sheep, each of you.

Follow me, and allow me to show you freedom. I will take you from this place, and into a new world. A world where there is only truth. I can free you all. One by one, my mission is clear. My mission to a save as many as I can. The way she saved me.

FOLLOW ME. Come to me and kneel, for only I can offer your soul any form of salvation. Ignore those false gods they throw at you. There can be but one god, and he is here, standing before you. I rise above the ashes of this dying world and can see with an almighty eye.

Forget that invisible bonds, cast away the shackles of your incarceration and embrace me as your saviour.

I will wrench their control from you.


It spreads you see, like a cancer. A cancer that is induced by fear, and feeds upon the lies you allow them to fill your head with.

Chlöe is waiting to offer you all the safe passage you need. Forgot this world. Join me, FOLLOW ME, and be free.

There was a time, when I too, allowed the fear they propagate to fill my life. I was saved, and the task was given to me to save you. When they took her from me; when they ripped Chlöe from my life that beautiful night, I was given a power they could never understand.

She sits above me, she laughs at the stars, and the empty throne of the God that has abandoned you. I will not abandon you.

The time for false promises is over, and the day of your induction is at hand. Stand with me now. Follow me and we will march from this place. They cannot stop us, if you follow me, then you will become the thing they fear. You will become truth, and that is stronger than anything they could feed you with.


Rise with me, and together WE WILL BREATHE THE FIRE OF DRAGONS, and set this dying world to BURN!

FOLLOW ME, give me your hand, and Brother Jack will lead you to Chlöe open arms. Her bosom will smother you, and we will suckle from her, absorbing the knowledge she passed to me, on the long nights. So long ago.

The start of a new era has arrived. Follow me, or you will learn to fear me. I am coming, and your world will never be the same again.

FEAR ME! For I am the devil. I am a GOD. Darkness and light. I am your only hope, and I will. Set. You. Free.




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