The Brother Jack Effect

To those of you that followed my AtoZChallenge posts, you will have no doubt met Brother Jack.

Brother Jack is my new co-host, if you will, and will be a central character in one of my future novels.

He has been quite the character to get to know, and I was wondering, those of you that have read his posts, what did you think of him?

I am interested because while I have yet to start researching Brother Jack’s novel, I feel that I have a good enough grasp on his character to maybe give him some outings in shorter fiction, maybe to build up his back story a little bit.

Have you ever had a character that just came and grabbed you by the throat? When Brother Jack came to me, he stormed into my mind and demanded I listen to him.

It is the first time I have been struck so severely by a character, and I have to say, I kind of like it. The words for his posts just flowed.


It helps that he is bat shit crazy, and I don’t need to think about crossing any lines with him. Any line encountered will be stomped over, pissed on and left to rot in the fading light of yesterday.

I am not sure yet how I am going to work him. He cannot be a standalone central character, he needs someone to play off, but whether I make him the villain or a dark hero. That is the question.

In any case I am going to have fun writing him, and can see it being a relationship that lasts a long time.

But tell me, enough about Brother Jack for now, which of your characters have reached out to you the strongest? How did that relationship with them end? I can imagine that sometimes, just like in life, even the strongest connection does not guarantee a happy ever after for both parties involved.


One thought on “The Brother Jack Effect

  1. I have a bit of a strange relationship with the vampire Marcus Scott from my Redcliffe novels. He sort of appeared as a minor character in Love Hurts, and then he well and truly got inside my head (and my heart), and now he won’t let go. He causes all sorts of trouble for Jessica Stone, he’s a charmer and a rogue, and I even had to write (and publish) his own story, The Darkness of Love. He is the classic lovable, untrustworthy, manipulative vampire… 😉

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