The Post With No Name

I have been giving a lot of thought to blog promotion recently, especially during the AtoZChallenge. I was posting so regularly, aware of how often my links would be appearing around the social media world. This challenge made me more conscious of my social footprint than anything I have done before. I wanted to enjoy the challenge and make it a success. The trick I learned was that the writing part, that was the success. Increased traffic numbers and followers is just a nice supplement.

This got me thinking. I have spent a lot of time in the past, promoting my blog posts, and trying to increase awareness of my site. But ultimately I gained nothing.


As a result, I am learning to rely much more on the organic growth the blog provides. I am posting each post once to the social media outlets I have, but that is it. For the rest, I am relying on the shares from those who read the site, and the reach I get through WordPress and the tags I use.

This may be bad for me, but it is going to free up a little more time, time I can better use writing, or out there in the real world. Besides, this gives me an excuse to play around with the posting structure I use. Which time zone should I most look to capitalize on in terms of grabbing the most attention with my single round of link shares.


How do you approach blog promotion? Do you pimp out your posts or do you let the natural process pull you along?

I also need to learn that a blog does not have to be a certain limit in order to be posted. I can have something to say, or an idea / question to raise with the group that does not take many words to put across, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I wonder if I could adpot the hurricane naming convention for my blog posts…. hmmm


One thought on “The Post With No Name

  1. That’s pretty much how I work with my blog too Alex, but you made me realise that I’m probably putting my posts out there at the wrong time of day for the rest of the world. I may have to give timezones another look. Thanks!

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