Review: Blood of the Tainted Alex Laybourne

A wonderful new review for Blood of the Tainted

Breaking the Melancholy

Blood of the Tainted

Blood of the Tainted is a novel that strips away the fantasy of vampires, bringing them to their raw monstrous self. It takes great talent and guts to deliver a novel that goes against the vision that vampires seem to have become in this day and age. The novel portrays this excellently and I really enjoyed it. The characters are developed well and you get a real sense of fear and you become legitimately scared for them, as they progress through the novel. Set in a small town, with a sheriff Ian Raskin as the main protagonist, you watch him develop and you really begin to route for him. As with everything comes scepticism when something new, or what you once thought to be fiction it learnt to be true. Can Ian save his hometown from the evil that threatens to destroy it?

The pace of the novel helps tell…

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