Guest Post: Jay Wilburn #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Summer of Zombie 2015

Dead song book 1 CD Cover Idea-001

“The Weight of a World in Freefall”

by Jay Wilburn

The smart money in writing is on the series. Stand alone novels are thought to lose readership that could potentially follow the characters into another novel that carries the story forward. Readers of apocalyptic literature are thought to be particularly prone to follow a series or sub series which follow characters through the other parts of the world created by the story.

An extended series with multiple installments creates quite a landscape and mythology to follow for the readers and the writer attempting to serve the readers over time.

I’ve spoken to a few authors that don’t fret too much about the complexity of the world they create. Some of them use loyal beta readers that keep track of which houses are blue and which roads lead east. They quite successfully catch most of those bits…

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