Matt Shaw and Michael Bray ‘Monster’ Review

A review of a great novel from two amazing writers!

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Matt Shaw’s most widely read works have been in his extreme horror series. All of the novels within the series are instantly identifiable by their unadorned black covers and graphic content. Monster is among these titles.

Co-authored with Michael Bray, Monster follows a woman obsessed with serial killers. Her name is Christina. She works a dead end job at a gas station. To pass the time, Christina likes to make up stories about the people filling-up their vehicles. She imagines what it would be like if her customers were serial killers, that is, until she hits the nail on the head. Christina is abducted and held prisoner by a family of monsters: a father, a mother, and their deformed giant of a son. In their hands, she will learn the true horrors faced by those who fall victim to serial killers as she…

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