Here is my interview with Aurelio Rico Lopez III

A great interview with a cool guy about an awesome novella.



Name: Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Age: 37 years

Where are you from?
Iloilo City, Philippines

How about a little about yourself (ie your education, family life, etc.)?
I’m a Filipino, born and raised. I grew up in the country-side, surrounded by pineapples. I swear it’s true. And if you say something like “Wow.” or “That’s so cool!”, you obviously haven’t been around pineapples for as long as I have.

Tell us your latest news.
I have a novella entitled Night of the Kaiju. It was co-written with my good friend Eric S. Brown and was recently released by Severed Press.
I also have two more novellas due for publication this year. One is a zombie novella called Valhalla Falling, and the other one is a giant centipede novella (another project with Eric S. Brown). The year isn’t over though, so maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a…

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