A New Focus

My wonderful publisher, Severed Press have a policy of paying royalties on the first of the month, rather than at the end. Of course, it means you are paid a quarter in arrears, but that is fine.

I received word of my royalties last Friday, and had them in my possession Saturday morning.


This is the first time I have really received royalties, especially in an amount worth mentioning. If I had earned a hundred bucks in the last 4 years, it would have been a lot.

It goes to show what having a good and caring publisher can do for you.

Still, I got my money, and while it was not record breaking, it was a LOT more than I was expecting, and for a period where I only had two books published with them.

It came at a great time too. I treated myself to some PS4 games, including Fallout4, which should arrive tomorrow, and the rest is going to pay the bills we have been struggling with for so long.

It was great to see a payment for my writing, and to see the details behind it was even better. From July – September 2015, Diaries of the Damned and 150,000 page reads. That’s just incredible.

What it does, is puts things in perspective. It shows what can be achieved, and adds fuel to the creative fire.

I had a great end to 2015, publishing 5 novellas, and I really want to grab that and run even harder with it this year.

No wasted time. No stalling or dallying or overthinking. Writing my stories, my way, because ultimately, they are the best ones to read. I tried for too long to write what I thought I should be writing, or to use a voice, that while still mine, was distorted to meet the public opinion.

I dropped that pretence at the end of the year, and the results are clear.

This is not one of those, New Year, New You kind of posts. Not really, because life is not static, it is ever changing, and the time to make changes is now. It is not date oriented.

My life is a fucking crazy train at times. Most days I don’t know the date or even what day it actually is. I have a to do list a mile long, both for home life and for work, and multi-tasking has become my norm.


With 5 kids there is always something to do, something to fix, somebody to call, a nappy to change or a bottle to be made. 19-21 hour days are a common occurrence and sometimes, I am lucky if I arrive at work with my pants on and shirt the right way round, but I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But, I am ready with a renewed focus for the coming year with regards my writing. I will do whatever it takes to make it a success, to continue growing this year. It is not a short term thing, I am not expecting to set the world on fire in a few months. The coming year is a time for growth, to make that next step in terms of the mythical platform, in terms of my own skills, and writing scope.

Some other things will need to fall away. The day job will get my attention during the working hours, but evenings, and early mornings, are mine, and they will not be spent working, especially when it goes unseen and as blatantly unappreciated as it was in 2015.

Every moment counts, no more wasted effort. That also includes time for relaxing and letting everything go. Sitting down to watch a movie with my wife. Playing a bit on the PS4 and just enjoying the down time in life. That is not wasted effort, but rather the most important part of it all. The time to center myself and steady the train before it jumps the rails.





3 thoughts on “A New Focus

  1. Well done, Alex! I have really enjoyed watching your career grow and develop during these last few years, and I have just downloaded your new book ready to read. Like you, I am not making official new year’s resolutions. Rather, I am continuing to develop those that I set in motion last year, but this time I am more focused, more determined, and I actually have a plan (of sorts!) My downtime will include much more reading this year, because I feel I have neglected this most precious hobby of late. After all, it is for “research purposes!” Enjoy your PS4 game… you earned it! 🙂

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