Space Bounty: Lost and Found OUT NOW

It’s been a while since I used this site, but it is about time I got back to it, in some form.

What better way to start (for me at least) than by announcing my new sci-fi novel.

With space pirates, bounty hunters and more, I couldn’t be happier with the way my first foray into the world of science fiction … or rather space opera turned out.

If you feel so inclined, why not pick up a copy from Amazon today.

Blue glowing jump gate in space

Lucian Hawke’s tragic past forged him into a fearsome bounty hunter, but when a job takes him to the edge of the free systems,

Lucian is forced to into a confrontation with the forces that changed his life, so long ago.

He’s about to learn that sometimes when you start chasing ghosts, they don’t hide – they lie waiting…

Sounds good right? 

Well, why not tell all your friends about it too? I know I’d appreciate it, and if they like a good fun read, then so will they.



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