Top Ten Creepy Book Covers

To try something a little different, I wanted to run through ten truly creepy book covers that  I have seen out and about.

I’ve not read all of them, but the ones I haven’t are certainly being added to the list, based on the covers alone.

10. Zom-b Baby


I have heard about Darren Shan’s books but have not read any of them. This cover is sick, though. I mean, just look at it for a second. It’s a thing of beauty that’s for sure.

9. I am Legend

I am Legend

I loved this book. What they were thinking with the Will Smith movie I will never understand. The book had everything, and this cover perfectly captures the fear, the sensation of being outnumbered and alone, not to mention makes perfect sense with the title and the final scenes.

8. Halloween


I really like this cover. They could have gone in several more obvious directions, given the movie’s popularity, but this clever in its simplicity, yet captures the concept of being trapepd unable to escape.

7. Misery


I’ve seen the film, and I’ve read the book. This cover is just creepy as living fuck! I mean look at that face, and the pain poor Paul is in. If you had to sum the story up in a nutshell, this cover really nails it.

6. Haunted


I’ve had this book on the shelf for some time now, and not gotten around to reading it. The cover speaks volumes and certainly has a certain lingering presence to it.

5. Red Spikes

Red Spikes

I’ve not read the book, and until writing this post had not heard of it. However, this cover makes me want to. It also makes me want a Strepsil.

4. Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children

Peculiar Children

Another book that I have no yet read, but added to my shelves sometime last year. The cover is simple, but the creep-factor cannot be denied. It is one of those ones where the imagination of the holder can make it that much more sinister.

3. The Viscerator


I’ve never heard of this book, from the late 1960’s, and having read the blurb I cannot quite make the connection to the cover. However, just look at it. It makes my eyes hurt just to see it here. Whoever designed that was one twisted puppy, and I love it.

2. IT


This is a great book, and while I have seen a great many different covers over the years, this one is one of the more haunting. Oddly simple, it captures something that makes you shudder just looking at it. I’d love a copy of this edition on my bookshelves.

1. Books of Blood

Books of Blood

The Books of Blood will always hold a special place in my reader’s heart, and while I have the compendium edition, I would love to get my hands on some of the single volumes for just for the cover art alone. The artwork just captures the creepy, horrific scope of Barker’s imagination and complements the text held within the pages.


There are so many great covers out there, I am no doubt going to do a few more of these, maybe even author based, but that is for another day.


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