Fuck Fidget Spinners, Read a Good Book

Seriously, fuck fidget spinners. My kids have had them, and while there is something fun about them, they break after a few rotations, and much like most Kevin Costner movies you will be helpless to their thrall, but end up wishing you had those hours of your life back.

So yeah, fidget spinners be damned Why not pick up a good book for half the price and way more fun?

But what book, I hear you ask.

There are too many.

Well, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I happen to have a new book up on pre-order right now.

I know right, what are the odds of that.

What is my new book called? I’m sure you’re dying to know.

Well, it’s called …


What is this book all about?

Well, let me tell you.

Jeremy Clark is a spoilt rich kid, and wannabe tough guy. His world of rebellion consisted of skipping school and getting drunk.

Until one day, something rises up out of the ground, eats his friend, and sets its sight on Jeremy.

As the only viable suspect in his friend’s murder, Jeremy is placed into the care of the Westshire Treatment Centre. A psychiatric home that prides itself on taking care of the more trouble patients.

Jeremy soon learns that not everything is as it seems at the centre.

Something horrid is lurking in the shadows, and what exactly is making those screams that come from the first floor.?

With the help of a secretive nurse and an abused young girl from the room opposite, Jeremy uncovers the truth about the centre and the doctor that runs it.

The problem is that time is running out.  The darkness is growing. Can Jeremy solve the mystery in time?

There is more at stake than proving his innocence. Jeremy might just be the only one who can save the world from the rising army of demonic pain and suffering.

Sounds good right?

Why not pre-order it today, and relax knowing you will have something sinister to read during your holiday this summer.


3 thoughts on “Fuck Fidget Spinners, Read a Good Book

  1. Now that sounds like a good old-fashioned gruesome horror story! But I have to say, I am in thrall to the fidget spinners… ooh, look at the pretty colours! 😉

    1. Yeah the kids had them, and they were fun. But they broke within days and that annoyed me lol.

      The book is gruesome and darkly sexual in a strange depraved way.

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