Fuck Fidget Spinners, Read a Good Book

Seriously, fuck fidget spinners. My kids have had them, and while there is something fun about them, they break after a few rotations, and much like most Kevin Costner movies you will be helpless to their thrall, but end up wishing you had those hours of your life back. So yeah, fidget spinners be damned [...]


Space Bounty: Lost and Found – An Excerpt

As I continue to celebrate the launch of my first sci-fi novel ... ok, it's more space opera and science anything, but you see where I'm going with it, I thought I would share the opening pages with you all. I still love how this book came out, and I am enjoying playing with different [...]

Space Bounty: Lost and Found OUT NOW

It's been a while since I used this site, but it is about time I got back to it, in some form. What better way to start (for me at least) than by announcing my new sci-fi novel. With space pirates, bounty hunters and more, I couldn't be happier with the way my first foray [...]