The Best Excuse in the Book

We are full of excuses. Don't deny it. Because we have all, at one time or another, had to pull an excuse out of the bag. That doesn't make us bad people, it makes us human. But what does make it bad? When you let these excuses run the house. When you start pulling up … Continue reading The Best Excuse in the Book

Fuck Fidget Spinners, Read a Good Book

Seriously, fuck fidget spinners. My kids have had them, and while there is something fun about them, they break after a few rotations, and much like most Kevin Costner movies you will be helpless to their thrall, but end up wishing you had those hours of your life back. So yeah, fidget spinners be damned … Continue reading Fuck Fidget Spinners, Read a Good Book

Top Ten Creepy Book Covers

To try something a little different, I wanted to run through ten truly creepy book covers that  I have seen out and about. I've not read all of them, but the ones I haven't are certainly being added to the list, based on the covers alone. 10. Zom-b Baby I have heard about Darren Shan's books … Continue reading Top Ten Creepy Book Covers