‘Dylan Dog: Jack the Ripper’ is Another Stellar Graphic Novel (Review)

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The more I read of Dylan Dog, the more I fall in love with the book while simultaneously feeling my disdain for the film grow. Dylan Dog makes for an amazing read, and it just leaves you to wonder how in the world a major studio can butcher such a promising story. Oh well, such is life. At least I’ve got a handful of brilliant comics to work my way through.

In this book, Dylan Dog: Jack the Ripper we get a familiar story. The title alone leaves us in a place that eliminates a lot of the mystery. But worry not, because the book itself is bad ass, as was the last Dylan Dog book I read. This time however, the tone undergoes a slight change. Where Dylan Dog: Dawn of the Dead had some good chuckles sprinkled throughout the story, Jack the Ripper is absolutely drenched in jokes…

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Cling by Jeff Menapace And Kim Bravo

Roadie Notes

By: Becky Narron

I AM FURIOUS! Yes, you read that right. Why you ask? Because the book ended! Now I have read many a good book and the best way to know if I absolutely loved it is if I am in fact mad when I read the words The End. Not only was I mad I was pissed and yelled at my kindle! Yes I know I’m a dork! But this dork just read an amazing and I mean amazing book!  Ok, now on to the good stuff.

This book is very different from Jeff’s normal horror. This one is post apocalyptic and will have you on the edge of your seat. I fell in love with the characters and wanted to kick the bad guys butts. There were times my heart hit my shoe and I wanted to cry. My emotions ran the gamut. That is good and…

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My New Zombie Book Series – Re-Civilize

Life With Words

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been talking about a new zombie book series I’m starting called: Zpoc Exception Series: Re-Civilize. The first book “Chad” is releasing as a Kindle ebook on November 15, 2016.

The series will start with novella length books in first person of the back stories of each of the “exception” characters. These will end when their role in the re-civilize process has been established. Basically, the character novellas will take you through the characters’ experiences from when the zpoc happened until they get to where they fall in with the new society.

Why novella-sized? Why so short? Because this enables me to turn out a book every few months rather than years, and I will be able to introduce more characters faster! I plan to turn out a character novella at most every six months.

After I do all the “exception” character…

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