A Little Motivation Ahead of the Weekend



Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015

I want to start my post today by saying goodbye. This week a friend of mine passed away. Keith Milstead was an author at a publishing house I used to be involved with. Things did not end well between me and that agency, but Keith was always a friendly face. He and I had a … Continue reading Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015

Weekly Writing Wrap-up 17-01-2015

The second week of the year just flew by. I mean, it’s already January 17th. It’s crazy. The week was very productive in terms of writing, but at the same time, exhausting in all other avenues. Holland has been rocked by incredibly hard winds all week, and as a result the kids have been up … Continue reading Weekly Writing Wrap-up 17-01-2015