A New Focus

My wonderful publisher, Severed Press have a policy of paying royalties on the first of the month, rather than at the end. Of course, it means you are paid a quarter in arrears, but that is fine. I received word of my royalties last Friday, and had them in my possession Saturday morning. This is … Continue reading A New Focus

First Attempt in Learning

This was not the blog post that I had in mind, not was it one of the ones on my backlog of posts to be written. However, it feels as though this is the right time to post it. The first month of the year is almost over, and so far, my decision to change … Continue reading First Attempt in Learning

Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015

I want to start my post today by saying goodbye. This week a friend of mine passed away. Keith Milstead was an author at a publishing house I used to be involved with. Things did not end well between me and that agency, but Keith was always a friendly face. He and I had a … Continue reading Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015