Guest Post: The Horror in Crime Fiction

It is my pleasure to introduce my first guest author of the year, Sharon A Crawford to my blog. She has a very interesting post to share with you all today, discussing horror, and how it can be used in crime fiction. Don't forget to check out her blog and pay her some love via … Continue reading Guest Post: The Horror in Crime Fiction

TW Brown introduces… Zomblog: Snoe

Following from my interview yesterday, TW Brown is once again my guest today, and he is here to talk a little about his writing, and in particular the Zomblog┬áseries. He also has a treat for you all in the form of an extract from his new novel. Zomblog: Snoe. Set 20 years after the zombies … Continue reading TW Brown introduces… Zomblog: Snoe

Allow me to Introduce: TW Brown

Today it is my pleasure to hand my blog over to a man who is not only a talented writer, but a friend. TW Brown is a master of horror genre, and will twist your understand of the Zombie Apocalypse upside down with his staggeringly epic Zomblog Series. Todd is stopping by the promote his … Continue reading Allow me to Introduce: TW Brown