Instafreebie – Growing a Mailing List

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything on here. A multitude of things have been responsible, including a lack of enthusiasm on my part. I struggled to find things to write about, and as such, fell into bad habits. Recently, I have been listening to a lot (a LOT) of podcasts, my … Continue reading Instafreebie – Growing a Mailing List

Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015

I want to start my post today by saying goodbye. This week a friend of mine passed away. Keith Milstead was an author at a publishing house I used to be involved with. Things did not end well between me and that agency, but Keith was always a friendly face. He and I had a … Continue reading Weekly Writing Wrap-up: 25-1-2015

Who am I to Give you Advice on Writing?

Who am I to Give you Advice on Writing? So many of the blogs I see coming through my inbox are talking about the craft of writing; the art of writing. There are blogs talking about creating characters, and atmosphere. Adding tension and drama to the influential scenes in your book. I’ve read at least … Continue reading Who am I to Give you Advice on Writing?