Writing What is Hot to Sell More Books

When I first started writing, one of the key things I was always told is, write what you know. This, to me, was common sense. It is surely better to write about things, or locations you know, twisting and tweaking them into different places, but using the same base. Sure, you research and expand your … Continue reading Writing What is Hot to Sell More Books

An Indifferent Year on WordPress

This year was my fourth on WordPress, and while I once again beat my previous years total (not by much) I find myself feeling worse about this blog than ever. What is annoying me even more is that it is all my fault. I have had a bad feeling about this site all year, and … Continue reading An Indifferent Year on WordPress

Keeping up with Amazon

I have been hearing a lot of talk over┬áthe last few days concerning Amazon and how they go about helping authors to gain a little extra publicity for their books. The newest trend would appear to be 'Likes' on an Author Page. The more likes you have the more Amazon like you. Or something like … Continue reading Keeping up with Amazon