Keeping up with Amazon

I have been hearing a lot of talk over┬áthe last few days concerning Amazon and how they go about helping authors to gain a little extra publicity for their books. The newest trend would appear to be 'Likes' on an Author Page. The more likes you have the more Amazon like you. Or something like … Continue reading Keeping up with Amazon

The Problem With Guest Posts

I don't know about anybody else, but there is something about writing guest posts for other people's blogs that I just hate. It is strange. While my own blogging is often sporadic, when I do sit down to write a post, the words tend to flow quite freely. Yet, when I go to write a … Continue reading The Problem With Guest Posts

My Push for the Number One Spot!

I am currently embroiled in a battle with Mr. Stephen King to a number one rank on (Horror - British). I am currently in second place, but feel that it is time for a change at the top of the leader-board.   I will need all the help I can get to beat him. … Continue reading My Push for the Number One Spot!