Clive Barker ‘The Hellbound Heart’ Review

Anything Clive Barker related deserves a share on my blog. Love the Hellbound Heart, and may now have to read it again.

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Hellraiser is often listed among the greatest horror films ever made. Its cautionary tale of desire and despair is spine chilling. Through the film, we learn of the Cenobites, sadomasochistic beings, who enter our world through a mystic box. They do not differentiate between pain and pleasure. To summon these monsters is to become their prisoners.

This is what happens to Frank Cotton. In his search for heaven, he finds the Cenobites and a fate worse than death. Frank reaches out, from his prison, to his adulterous sister-in-law, Julia. Julia can aid Frank in escaping his jailers, but it will require blood. This is no easy feat and they mustn’t draw the attention of Frank’s captors.

While most horror fans have watched Hellraiser, fewer have read the novella on which the movie was based. The Hellbound Heart was first published in Night Visions 3, edited…

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