Guest Post: Can Gomez Get Away From Her Image?

Getaway stars Ethan Hawke as Brent Magna, professional racecar driver turned professional wheelman after his wife’s kidnapping. Receiving orders through the car’s sound system, Brent must do whatever he’s told if he wants to see his wife alive. With Jon Voight serving as the mysterious “man on the phone,” the film promises to be an … Continue reading Guest Post: Can Gomez Get Away From Her Image?

Reblog: The Evolution of Horror

An interesting post discussing the evolution of horror movies.

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Horror is in many ways the purest genre, whilst it may overlap with other genres and have many sub-genres, some dig into your subconscious, whilst others are happy to just make you jump or disgust you with gore all horror movies have the same purpose and addenda, to scare the shit out of you!

Like many other art forms movies and particular horror movies often follow trends that change over time. The great thing is the way movies can use or ignore what has gone before to follow their own path. In this article I have attempted to chart the evolution of trends in horror movies and my favourite movies that go with them.


The Silent Era

Nosferatu (1922): Directed by F.W. Murnau, this silent German movie set the benchmark for vampire movies. The names are changed to protect the innocent  filmmakers from breach of copyright, but the movie…

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