The Next Big Thing

I have been tagged by the talented Solitaire Parke as part of The Next Big Thing train. I am speechless that someone would consider me for such a placement, and so would like to begin by saying Solitaire, thank you. The main premise of this 'tag' is to discuss my current writing project. However, as … Continue reading The Next Big Thing

Excerpt from “Vengeance of the Wolf” by Solitaire Parke

A fog rolled in, tangible yet dreamlike in its quality, and formed a rough circle around Jack Kinnesen. Jack, the Governor of Montana, had lived here his entire life and had never seen anything like this before. Faintly in the distance he could hear wolves crying at something only they could see. A cracking sound, … Continue reading Excerpt from “Vengeance of the Wolf” by Solitaire Parke

Allow Me To Introduce: Solitaire Parke

Today it is my pleasure to introduce another writer that I have as I have traveled the often lonely author roads. Without further ado and / or waffle from me... Allow me to introduce Mr. Solitaire Parke. As a  horror writer, I simply must ask…. What is your favorite scary movie. Village of the Damned … Continue reading Allow Me To Introduce: Solitaire Parke