ROW80 : Weekly Round Up

The week started well, but has fizzled out somewhat since then. My lack of writing this week is down to the same reasons as my lack of Social Media activity, book promotion and blogging. It is a combination of a busy working schedule, children waking at 1 am and refusing to sleep anymore until 3am or so, and a Dutch to English translation project I was asked to work on by my Brother-in-Law.

However, that is done, well I just need to type up the handwritten translation but that is nothing too strenuous. So I can now return my attention the fictional side of my life.

I have actually reached the end of my novel. Well, I am working on the last scene as we speak. I think this was another reason for my lack of real progress this week. I do not like writing endings. Beginnings I can do. I have a whole host of great opening lines and paragraphs that just grab attention, but endings… you need to round everything off. That’s fine, I can do that, but being a trilogy, I need to round off what has happened so far, and set up the third installment which will not only continue the main plot, but alter the course of the already developed relationships. I know what I want to do, but just want to take my time getting it written down. I am about 5 weeks ahead of schedule so I figure I have the time. I want to get this first draft finished by the end of the month, so that gives me 11 days to write about 5000 words. I can do it.

Bearing in mind all that has happened this week, and the place I am at with my WIP, I am very happy with my figures, because I sat down and wrote something every day without pushing myself any further in exhaustion than I normally would, and I can see that on the worst days of the week, my un-forced productivity was rather consistent.

Sunday: 809

Monday: 1261

Tuesday: 765

Wednesday: 1212

Thursday: 454

Friday: 649

Saturday: 423

This gives me a grand total of 5573 words this week and 49,588 for the round so far.

On other front, I read finished reading Kimberly Kinrade’s Bit’s of you Pieces of Me and have started reading Plato. It’s a large step out of my comfort zone but is a long-term project. I will read other novels around this work.

Thanks for reading,



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