May I Have This Dance?

Join me, and together we shall waltz into the very depths of Hell and rule all of the worlds.

Artwork by Jim Murray

13 thoughts on “May I Have This Dance?

  1. Yeah I think you’re a bit odd! It seems to me that most short story collections are ordered either chronologically or in an unspecified ‘aesthetic’ order. Unless the stories are related I can’t see how it would matter; it’s not like reading the chapters of a novel out of order. Personally I rarely read the whole of a short story collection in one go – I prefer to dip in and out, come back to the collection later. I find reading a series of short stories by the same author mainly makes me want to read one of their novels – so I do. Also – what about collections with stories by different writers – I might get the collection solely for the one story (as in my lovely collection of everything John Wyndham ever wrote).

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