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Where do you get your ideas?”

It’s the oldest question in the world.

Well, maybe the second oldest. Considering the “world’s oldest profession,” I think the oldest question may be “How much would it cost for you to strip down to just the black stiletto heels and an eye patch, while I crawl around in a kiddie pool filled with Prego chunky garden variety spaghetti sauce, wearing a diaper and fishnet stockings, and you spank me with a copy of Atlas Shrugged while screaming in Klingon?”

Ahem. I digress. And, perhaps, reveal a bit too much. Back to the question at hand.

“Where do you get your ideas?”

There is the stock answer: While Cthulhu slumbers in the great, sunken city of R’lyeh, he transmits ideas directly into my brain. But that answer only gets you so far. Usually a nice, quiet, padded room, where they give you plenty…

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