OUT NOW: Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume III

Today I am celebrating my first release of 2014. Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume III is the final collection of short stories that I  have signed to Vamptasy Publishing. We are working on the paperback compendium of the trilogy, and that will be here in May. Until then, I hope that these tales will terrorize your dreams long enough to keep you from sleeping until that time.

Musings of a Hideous Mind Volume III

Open at your own risk, and step back into the hideous mind if you dare.
In the third collection of spine tingling, soul tormenting tales, we take a trip down the rabbit hole and enter a horror filled universe where there are no rules, no taboos.
You will find no sanctuary here, but if you are up for the challenge, then enter, and pray the devil will have mercy upon your soul!
The Creature
April 2nd
I awoke to hear a strange scuttling sound. I sat up in bed and looked around. The room was dark; the sun had not yet begun to so much as caress the horizon.
The world was silent, and so I lay back down. My eyes closed, and sleep once again wrapped me in its warm embrace.I don’t know how long it was that I slept, but I was wrenched from my slumber by a burning pain in my leg. My eyes jumped open, and I watched in terror as the bed covers rose and fell in a direction that led from my feet to my head.
There was something under the duvet; of that much I was certain. I was also sure that whatever it was, was also the cause of the burning pain I felt.
I began to sweat, and while the fear of what creature I would see under the covers was undeniably a factor; the poison that I could feel filtering into my bloodstream was without shadow of a doubt the primary cause.
I knew there was only one thing to do, and so I grabbed the covers, my fingers already beginning to grow stiff. The covers came away, and for a moment I saw nothing… I was blind. I think it was because my mind was unable to comprehend what it was I saw.
The creature was the size of a rat. Its body was black; narrow by the head, and more bulbous in the rear. A pear would be the closest I could come to describe its shape. There were three thick legs that protruded from either side of its flank, and the tip of each was round with a flattened base. Later, when I went to examine my injured leg, I would observe that the underside of each foot had what I could only presume to be a suction cup which would bite into whatever flesh it came into contact with. Whether for purchase or for more sinister purposes I still cannot fathom.

To grab you copy of Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume III head over to Amazon today.

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