NaNo-Man’s Land

I find myself in a rather unusual quandary. I am but three days away from NaNo kicking off, and I am if anything further away and more confused about what I want to write.

I have several ideas bouncing around in my head, but I am not sure if they are all novels, if they are all individual or if they will be the sort of free-flowing project that NaNo is all about.

The idea I had, was but a small thing, the story line around it I cannot seem to settle on, and I find it rather disconcerting.  I like the project, and know there is something there, but I don’t want to force it just for the sake of NaNo.

I could always fall back on my safety net of Highway III, but that just feels like a bit of a cop-out.

I have recently met a new character I really want to write about, but than again, the relationship is new, so maybe not NaNo material.

So I think, I will leave it all up to the writing Gods. I will wait until October 31st, and then scour the news headlines and pick one to develop. It is a challenge and being completely new, I have reduced the risk of me over thinking every page. Besides, I think it will make it fun… even more so than normal.

That being said, I will therefore be going in completely blind; no plan, no idea, and some may say, no clue.

Apart from this one minor details… a story, I am fully prepared for NaNo, and ready for the challenge of the NaNo Diary I plan to keep alongside the main project. Whether it will work I don’t know, but in any case, it will be fun to read in years to come when I am King of the Horror world…. I mean… um…

4 thoughts on “NaNo-Man’s Land

  1. I’m in a similar quandary! I am probably going into NaNo wayyyy less prepared than I would like. But I’m thinking I will do it this year (I haven’t even blogged about it! Which is a lot for me!) And I don’t even have a computer, so I may be sneak writing at work. 🙂 But my idea is a story I’ve been rolling around in my head for a year now, and I think I have a perspective on the main character that I can use. If I follow through with it, I will be pleasantly surprised!

  2. I feel your pain. I had four ideas that I couldn’t settle on so I offered them on my blog and let people vote on them. As it stands, I’m doing a dark horror style books about our world being dominated by demonic beings, vampires, werewolves, etc. Good luck with whatever it is you decide on. This is going to be an interesting month.

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