No Joke: April is 99 cents month for Armand Rosamilia eBooks

Armand Rosamilia has lowered his prices to just 99cents.


I’ve decided to go wild this month and make quite a large chunk of my eBooks on sale for only 99 cents. The goal will be to choose 2-4 different releases each Friday and lower them to 99 cents. Each and every Friday I will post the newest books on the blog and I hope you dive in and pick them up. 

On May 1st I will begin raising the prices on them back to where they were previously, so this is a limited time offer. Not everything will be lowered, as well… but I think you’ll enjoy the many I will be lowering. 

In the meantime, I have a few releases already at 99 cents (these will all go up to regular price on May 1st, btw):

Siege graphic

TWO zombie novellas for only 99 cents? Tim Baker and Armand Rosamilia must be insane! This won’t last long!


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