Spotlight: The Darkness of Love by Catherine Green (Review + Interview!)

A very cool interview with my good friend and fellow English Writer Catherine Green. Check it out, and don’t forget to show an author some love!

Jarrrss of Books

Hi guys! Today, we have something special! By the way, how’s your 2015, so far? Ours have been good, so far. We hope yours is a lot better! (:

Anyway, today, we have a special guest. *drum roll please* We are very honored to have her, and we are eternally grateful that she has been very understanding and lovely. (We had delays remember?)

Soooo… let’s get to the point! May we present to you, Ms. Catherine Green! (:

A few days ago, we asked her a few questions and she complied so kindly. We love her to bits. ❤

Let’s go! (:

  • What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

My writing journey began just over five years ago, when a chance conversation with my younger sister led me to write the first in my paranormal romance series, the Redcliffe novels. At the time we…

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